A freaking rant
Wednesday, 31 May 2017, ϟ

Okay, be prepared, cause u guys are about to read my rant.
Actually, i don't even freaking care if there's anyone wanted to read this or not.
Im here to let it all out.
To you, yes you, you know who you are,
Just why did you do this to me
Was it offensive? Was it? Or were you intimidated or what?
Just freaking tell me la
Tired of you like so so so tired
Are you playing game with me?
Fun isn't?
Yeah right you must be having fun
So fun right
Im not playing any games
Im just honestly doing what I always do
Just like with everyone else
I thought of it, so that's why I told you
Was it wrong?
No, yeah you must be laughing so hard cause you probably thought that ' this girl is freaking stupid and acted almighty.
You think my world evolves around you?
Used to, a little. But you kept making me looking like a stupid person.
You are mistaken.
All good, have a nice day lad. 😘

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