Friday, 18 January 2013, ϟ

Okay this is the longest time since im blogging
Seriously,i just dont have the right time,place and mood.LOL
The thing is,lappie charger gones wrong.
I dont have specific topic to share with but aaa....
Okay,i will makes this simple.
I was just fangirling last 10 sec -.-'
And yknow,someone that is freaking hot,had just came back from sbp.
Im just amaze of 'his look' okay nvm forget it.
Ahaha,actuaaally i was fangirling towards ' Zaynster'
Look at his attitude,how cute is he,ughhh freaking.

Same expressions,same adorable dude.Im impress! lmao

With my longtime bias,ahaha Joeeei!He's gettin old trolo but still,

It would be great if they are together.
p/s im not gonna ship this
Okay,this is the end,haha,till then,when i've the right time,place and mooood. 
Byeee ^^ 

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