Sweet than sugar
Thursday, 8 November 2012, ϟ

*The right one is my dear Fadhilah Atiqah :D

Assalamualaikum,well,i've left this side for a... long time.
Just don't have the right time all week long.
But now,yaa,i'm here.:)
Harini hari last sekolah not forever just for 2012 session,
Insyallah.tahun depan kalau aku masih diberi nyawa.Ceyhh -.-'
A new year,everything new.
Well,2013 session,that's mean pmr dear.Waiting me,us,batch 98'
Arggh,i'm not willing to face it yet.But that is not my point,haha.
Okay be serious.
My dear friend,sebelah aku tu,dah nak pindah,so,harini hari last dia.
Idk,i don't know how to describe.A feeling deep inside.
Yea,i know,taun depan almost all my friend mungkin,
Mungkin akan pindah lepas pmr.Me too,maybe,idk.Sapa taw?Allah ja yang taw.
Yelaa kaan,all this two years it had been a greatgreat time in Bad.
And i hate it when it's turns out to farewell.
Im sad and both happy,minggu nie tersangatlah best.
But at the end,someone had to go. u.u
Hotstuff fadhilah terpaksa meninggal kan Badlishah.rofl
Kesian sampai menangis nagis dah hotstuff sorang nie.lol
Btw,be happy kat Aloq Setaaq!.Im sure u'll happy.
Friendship never dies.Till we meet later in ,he future xFad.
Till then,yeaaa Good Night y'all :D

p/s mimpi indah ^^

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