Thursday, 11 October 2012, ϟ

Assalamualaikum and hello guys.
This is frustrating.U know what in just 6 days i'll sit for last exam.
This is not cool  -.- Its just too fast for me.
Then,i'll be fifteen!
This is crazy,the last thing i remember is when the first time i'm in Badlishah. --'
Fifteen guys,that's mean i'll be sitting for PMR,ohmygoddohmygod hoho are u kidding me?
This is the reality,god i just don't know how fast this days are. 
Sometimes,i feel like dying,exam is near and it's killin me.
Hmmm,just too fast *sigh* I'm not done enjoying my life yet! --"
Seriously,my life just start,i think.Huh,life is too short.
It would be great if i can stop the time.I just don't know whatta think anymore.
One day,i've to start it from beginning.
Back to the stranger->Friends->More strangers -.-
Duhh,like i said,life is just too short :)

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