What's wow
Tuesday, 19 June 2012, ϟ

This is wht i'm talkin a'bout.Wow!Realy pelik,mengarut but fantastic!

 Todaaaaay.ahh no no yesterday.Uuh i'm not expected for such a day.
A day full of many things.Yaa everything happened just in one day.
How god amazing is tht.Nahh this makes me more and more mateng.
I can laugh,i would be sad,someone maybe hurts,discovered a new one.
At the end,now,i think,i'm happy.
Nahh,everyone happy,whether it's a bad or good one.
Everyone had pay the price.Fair enough.Right?
Yesterday is not a bad day or good day,it's a wow day!
For one day,the thing that i kept doin was bein suprised.Wow!
I keep repeating wow.Wow,wow and Wow!This is truly amazing.
Good ending.Like a fairy tale.xDD.
And i,wanna 'wowings' on this earth.

"The past like a handful of dust
It filters through your fingers
Disappearing little by little
I wish for one day
I could come back
In another life I would do things differently"

I just ciplak that from somewhere on internet.
Maybe,it's not secocok wif post.
But.it's means everything.

What's goin on with me.LOL

new past