Hmm i seee
Saturday, 23 June 2012, ϟ

She:Uhh wht?hmmmm okayy -.-

Hey hey u,i know watchaa think bout tht pic.xD
Doesn't matter,okay tomorrow report card day btw.
I mean,tomorrow i'll get my reports for the last exam.
Ohhh i'm freakin aff'raidd of my class teacher, 
I wish,she just gonna tell bout good think of me,
When i think about the pasthink!,aah i know i've did lotslots of mistake,
That was just a misunderstanding,she taught i'm a liar like others,
Ohh god,please make my teacher shut her mouth,
It's makes me feel awful,nvm,it doesn't matter now, ._.
I've homeworks to do actually,haha
I think,i'm goin add Eli as my bias,wow he's so awsome u know,
His eyes,can make my heart explode,lol
And then,i'll dead justt like the 'kodok'
Kodok still a kodok,mehh,still a human,
Human need to do their homeworks,
Rofl,onthewayyy to do my homeworks,
Gottago,see yahh,soooooon in the future,
#shethinksthat'sfunny# -.-'

new past