Glad to be stars
Monday, 28 May 2012, ϟ

She's smiling at chu Joeeiie,ignore her,lol

Assalamualaikum andd annyeong.
Fyi,today is my bday --'Btw thnks to whoever tht gave a great wishes,Komawo ^^
Andd and uhhh,i've change this blog name again,again and again,
Setiap kali tukar skin tukarr sekali dgn blog name,
Alang alang lhaa kan,kesempatan di dpn mata,can't just watch it drifted away,xD
Nama blog aku kali nie dah jadii---->Star Lights<----
Where i got such name,idk,datang masuk lam otak aku jaaa, :D
Memandangkan, ceyy memndangkn lhaa sgt kasi pandang maw penumbuk,
Okay2 memandangkan skrang nie cuti,aku tengah boring sangat,
Tak tahu nak buat apa,kejaa edit blog nie tak habes2,
Aku nak buat apa eaa?Ish tanya balik plak.
#sori for my merapu-ess#
Okaaaaaaay,glad to be a stars,
I think everyone is a star,only depends when she/he wants to be a star,
Yaaa everyone are difference,like a star,its own advantage,
GC a.k.a Greyson Chance berkata,
Ehem ehem,1 2 3 ready go,
You'll never enjoy your life,
Livin inside the box,
U're so afraid of takin chances,
How you gonna reach the top?
Rules and regulations,
Force u to play it safe,
Get rid of all the hesitation,
Its time for u seize the day,
Instead of sittin around and lookin down on tomorrow,
You gotta let chu feet off the ground,
And bla bla bla,takkn lhaa aku nak menyanyi sampai habes,gilos,
Honestly,this is a note for me,since now i'm already 14teens,
I've to keeps dreamin andd uhh work for it,till i reach it,
Thts why,nama blog nie star lights, heew
Glad to be a human and star too :D

If u wants somethin keep dreamin of it,work for it,till u get it

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