Screw me up
Thursday, 26 April 2012, ϟ

Hey andd hey. how's going?Hope everything fine,
Yahh,it's beeen aaaa long long time already since my last post,
Headdo,aahh i mean my head,some1 had screw it up,
No no,headdo's screw gone off actually,luls -.-
Actually maa story goes like this,
Someone,someone that i know in my life,
Ermm,Idk,what i've done to that anomymous,
But __ keep hurting me,i think it doesn't suppose to be like tht,
Yeahh,Why don't u screw ur headdo first,then u can do mine lo,
Nvm,i will forgive u however,yaaaah :D
Forget about screwing thing Haifa,
Now,i'm sooo bored,no job to do,
I wanna go sleep,but for sake of this blog,
i will do anything,--' Yaaa bcus long time no see-see this blog,
It's going bored with the same post?Yesh i'm bored already,
I'm going sleep guys,going sleep,
Tell the word i'm going sleep,
New version of me,lmao
Kboiii :)

Screw me back guys i'm going crazy now XDD

new past