What doesn't kill you
Wednesday, 28 March 2012, ϟ

Heyy ^^ Assalamualaikum 
Sudah ber-decades sejak aku update blog nie :D
Biasalahh aku malas andd hw bertimbun,
Tidakkn selalu jgk aku update,
Nie dah berapa minggu dah nie,
Rindu aku kat blog nie :)

Hmm pity u,i know what's your feeling,
The way you look,i can see it from your eyes,
 I know,how hurts it is,i have been at your place,
Annd i know it's hurt too much for you,
Even now my life is not perfect like it seems to be,
Trust me,it will be okaay sooner,
Your life is hard,but it will be harder,
If u act like this my friend,     
I know,I know,
 I have no rights to counsel and talk like this,
Like i'm a pro and a counseler
But i'm really2 sad for you,
I wanna cry for you,it's seem so sad,
Maybe u don't even knew i wrote this,
All the feelings is in your heart,
You'll never can stop from thinking about it right?,
I hope it will be easier for you my friend,
Forget it,Live your Life!
Be Strong!I'm here! ^_^

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger .__.

Hoya you are cute,
You know what!Today is Hoya bday!Sorry for menselitkan this thing here# -,-
But  i wanna wish him this thing,Happy Bday Hoya!

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