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Sunday, 11 March 2012, ϟ

Awww shoooo cute,#actuallyidon'tknowher#rembat jaa ^^
Hey hey,Assalamualaikum and very good2 night -.-
#This post will be a Rojak Campur Post okay,so please don't mad at me#
Nampak tajuk tuuu,haa memang banyak benda nih nak ditulis,
Fist,i'm still starving,wanna eat --,Once again nazak of food!xD
Second,yesterday was a fairytale,not actually a fairytale but it's a tale of me,
Haha,a wonderful day!I'm so happy,U know why?#it'snotimportant#
Aku pi hang-hang baju,haha tak lah kami pi landmark hang-out,
Bes kalaw Iffa ada,tapi dy mai satt ja,hurmm okay,
Doesn't matter,I'm not alone,Jas,Marie,Fadh,andd Jec kan ada,
Okay, it was a wonderful day,kami pi tengok wayang,i had a great day,heew
Third,aaaa really2 absolutely tired-sick of it,andd sakett hatii,andd a little much happy,
It's called Rojak feeling okay,luls,lantak lahh apapown yg aku rasa,
Just go with it,haha btw i've some Freebies to share with,
It's fully created by me,no ciplak2,Nie dya banyak aku wat,Nahh!
Some Top Button for u!

Okay siap dah,yang tuu ja aku nak share pown,Kalaw nak, ambik ambik jaa,
Kalaw taknak takpa,tak kesah,aku nak share jaa,Daripada sia2 aku buat,Biaq aku Sharekan?
Bubyee,till then will meet again,#aytorangmars#xD .__.
That'all anndd yah i know,tak cunn pown aku buat :P

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