About a girl(storiesofneverland)
Monday, 19 December 2011, ϟ

She is...
A girl that always happy,cheerful and loveee 2 laugh like a crazy.But in the ends she'll cries.She's pretending that nothin happen and act happy all the time.And nobody's no about it.She always feel like a plastic bag and drifting through the wind.Wanting to start again??.She's already buried deep.Ten feet under and screams but no one seems to hear a thing.She can't do anything only..Waiting outsides of it.If she knew what the future holds.This thing wiil never happen.T_T.Every day was an empty day.
Her life was so empty full of sadness and pain that came after the rainbows.WHY??Maybe this reason why all the doors are closed.It will not open till she believes of herself.Like a lightning bolt ..her heart will blow.And no one can do about it.Only she (thegirl) can determine her destiny.Sometimes,she felt like wanna die.Cuz she is not important to the world anymore.No one cares about her.No one knows about her true LIFE.They just knew 2 hurt her heart allday long.In the ends,It is only the same.Nothing changes. She only can pray that everything will came back to normal.Huhuhu.
But the truth is.

new past