Thursday, 4 August 2011, ϟ

Someone(_ _ _ _)
Why u always makes me mad at u?
Why u always makes me cry?DON'T CRY
Why u always makes my day to a tragedy ha!?
Why u love 2 makes me sad dear?

N now u make me feel so damn sad...

Why i'm the want 2 blame?
Why the sad things wiil came after when i'm hepy?
Why its make me wanna 2 thing about it?
Why things in ma life suck me off?
Why i'd lost my cammie?

N now i'm losing my mind....

Someone(_ _ _)
Why u always make me smile?
Why u always make me hepy?
Why u're 2 nice 2 me?
Why i kept thingkin the word had u said 2 me?
Why u makes me can't forget about chu?

N now i'm feel hepy

new past